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Cantilephere is an outdoor cantilever umbrella that contains sliding doors that come out of the arched base in a circular motion to fold into a hemisphere. That way, everything including the umbrella itself (canopy), are protected from the sun, rain, wind, snow and dust. The sliding doors are made out of photochromic yellowish transparent glass that darkens when the sun shines bright, and returns to a transparent state minutes after. Cantilephere solves outdoor furniture problems, like weather damage. As well as it enhances the aesthetic of the outdoor settings of hotels, resorts, assisted living residences, or homes, as it is designed for multi-functionality, décor-forward aesthetics, simplicity, and ease of use. This type of outdoor umbrellas is very uncommon and is needed in the market, because it sums up several important features an outdoor umbrella should have. The umbrella is designed to be an offset umbrella for the most utilization of the space under it, because that is the main purpose of cantilever umbrellas. However, Cantilephere adds a few more layers of functionality in comparison to conventional outdoor cantilever umbrellas.


Protection: in order to eliminate replacing damaged outdoor furniture: Outdoor furniture is very critical. When it is damaged, it is usually the end of that product’s life, and for the reason that it is hard or even impossible to repair. Therefore, protecting it and preventing it from getting damaged by heavy weather conditions is the way to go.

Convenient utilization: It is sometimes hard to pop an outdoor umbrella open for reasons like it requires a certain strength to do so or just inconvenient to open it. Cantilephere provides much more comfort when opening the umbrella as it is just a grip (similar to a bus grab handle) that needs to be pulled down to open it. Additionally, the sliding doors or covers are easy to pull out; they slide easily (one side at a time) in a circular motion and meet in the middle and snap to close it up.

Aesthetics: The future of outdoor furniture is slowly moving away from complex traditional-looking pieces (which come as multiple pieces) and toward geometric and simple-looking ones, especially when integrated with functionality. Cantilephere delivers simplicity, beauty of design, and a modern take on outdoor furniture. I am a very aesthetic-orientated person, and I tried to translate that into Cantilephere as much as possible. I chose a tint of yellow, gray and black as the main colors of the structure of Cantilephere. However, it does come in different color schemes like grey and red.


As shown:

Fully rendered and edited by me

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