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Hi! I'm Talal. A Saudi Arabian visual artist, graphic designer, and CAD drafter based in New York City. I've earned a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Design Technology and an Associate's Degree in Advertising Art, Graphic Design. Currently working in advertising and food packaging design in New York City.

I have been passionate about design and art since I was little, and got more interested in the overlap between engineering and art as I grew older. I always wanted to explore that intersection even more and apply my creativity, curiosity, and imagination to it. I’ve developed critical aesthetics over time because of that, and now, I have a good          for what looks good and what would work, but the other one is lazy still.. so. 

I love mechanical design, graphic design, art, art direction, cultures, digital imaging, animation, oddity, humor, typography, branding the shit out of things, 3D parametric modeling, and fashion. Not in that order, but you get the idea. 

Please, view my resume, or LinkedIn.